Waterproofing Pack Windows, a single choice for optimal window installation

ISOFIB offers a complete solution for foolproof windows and doors: the Salola Environnement high-performance sealant kit

A high-performance window contributes to the energy efficiency of a building... Only if it is installed according to the rules of the trade, with the right products! Because a poorly installed window product can quickly threaten the integrity of the envelope: while air leaks cause energy loss and discomfort, water infiltration causes irreversible damage to the walls. With ISOFIB's Window Waterproofing Pack, you have everything you need to deal with the elements, both in construction and renovation.

How to achieve a waterproofing of the windows? How to avoid leaks and water infiltration around the windows? All the answers in this article.

Windows and building sealing: the key to sustainability

The building envelope is a system where the roof, walls and foundation must remain air and watertight. The openings also contribute to protect the whole; the role of the windows is to let the air in, but only when they are open!

In addition to causing heat loss, an air leak (around a window or door) can lead to condensation problems caused by moisture carried in the air. While rainwater infiltration can cause damage to the interior of walls, water vapour is the cause of most water infiltration problems. When moist air enters the envelope and cannot escape, or if it condenses on contact with a material whose temperature is below its dew point, it turns into water.

Thus, even though doors and windows are openings in the envelope, they must ensure the continuity of the airtightness of the envelope to avoid discomfort, heat loss, humidity and potential mold.

Poorly installed windows and doors are not uncommon: while they are a critical point for air leakage (causing 25% of heat loss in homes), the water infiltration they can cause is one of the most common home insurance claims. Therefore, the installation of a window, whether it is a new construction or a renovation, is as important as the quality of the glazing, the frame and the spacers.

A good installation of the membranes, while ensuring the adhesion of the connections as well as the fixings, makes it possible not only to protect the building from moisture, rain as well as the wind, but brings a better thermal resistance and a homogeneous comfort in the building.

Install a window in the rules of the art with the ISOFIB Waterproofing Pack

To make life easier for building contractors, renovators and owners, ISOFIB has developed a kit of innovative and reliable products to ensure the watertightness of residential, commercial and institutional windows: the Window Waterproofing Pack.

This pack is composed of products from Salola Environnement, which designs and distributes airtightness solutions for the building envelope.

Salola Environnement markets membranes and technical accessories, including high-performance adhesives commonly used by builders seeking performance and durability. These products meet the requirements of certifications such as Passive House.

For its Window Waterproofing Pack, ISOFIB has selected the following products:

AEROCONNECT HPV, vapour permeable adhesive membrane for sealing exterior joinery

AEROCONNECT HPV is an airtight and rainproof membrane, permeable to vapour, self-adhesive on its entire underside and with an adhesive strip on its surface. It is specially developed for the joint between the joinery and the rain screen membrane, whatever the type of installation of the joinery. This very thin membrane seals around nail and staple holes.

AEROCONNECT HPV is used to seal between the structure and the exterior joinery (exterior surface installation or tunnel installation) or between the structure and the light facade, curtain wall or aluminum semi-curtain wall.

Why a vapor permeable air barrier membrane?

AEROCONNECT HPV acts as a vapour barrier on its surface, while being open to vapour diffusion on its underside. This can be compared to the functions of Gore-Tex outdoor clothing, which is both waterproof and breathable. In concrete terms, the AEROCONNECT HPV membrane prevents water vapor from seeping in and damaging the wood structure of the window frame. In the unlikely event that moisture gets behind the self-adhesive membrane, its intelligent micropores allow it to evacuate this moisture and ensure the preservation of the structure.

How do I apply a vapor permeable membrane to exterior woodwork?

The underside, which is highly self-adhesive over its entire surface, allows for easy handling and installation, without the need for additional glue, ensuring complete coverage. The support must be perfectly prepared, dust-free, dry and free of grease. On masonry or concrete, it is advisable to use AEROPRIM spray primer.

● Very strong adhesion, acrylic adhesive without volatile organic compounds, which does not dry over time, unlike conventional products that lose adhesion over time.

● Processing temperatures from +5°C to +40°C. Can also be used at low temperatures, while carefully checking that the surfaces to be bonded are free of moisture, frost or ice, which would prevent effective bonding

● Temperature resistance between -40°C and +80°C

● UV resistance up to twelve months. The membrane can be left exposed to UV rays

● Watertightness to driving rain 1200 Pa

Available in 3 formats:

● 100 mm x 25 m (~4'' x 82') roll

● 150 mm x 25 m roll (~6'' x 82')

● 200 mm x 25 m roll (~8'' x 82')

AEROCONNECT SD20, adhesive vapour barrier membrane for sealing interior joinery

AEROCONNECT SD20 is an airtight vapour barrier membrane, the underside of which is provided with a self-adhesive layer of very strong adhesion over its entire width, making it easy to install and perfectly invisible. This very thin membrane seals around nail and staple holes.

AEROCONNECT SD20 is an airtight film combining PP and fiber reinforcement fleece, specially developed for interior applications, for the joint between the joinery and the vapour barrier, regardless of the type of joinery installation.

What are the advantages of AEROCONNECT SD20 compared to the tapes of American


The major advantage of Salola membranes is the intelligence of the membranes, which ensures the diffusion of water vapor trapped in a wall to the outside. This characteristic allows for a much greater durability of the building envelope, preserving it from mold and rot.

This membrane resists well to stresses such as temperature changes, expansion, contraction, passage of time, mold, dust...

How do I apply AEROCONNECT SD20 to the interior contour of windows?

The gluing surface must be sufficiently flat and perfectly prepared, dust-free, dry and free of grease. On masonry or concrete, it is recommended to use AEROPRIM spray primer.

Like AEROCONNECT HPV, AEROCONNECT SD20 can be applied either around the entire perimeter of the frame, or only at the top of the frame, provided that the frame has its own air and water tightness. In the latter case, AEROCONNECT HP and AEROCONNECT SD20 must extend 100 mm (~4") beyond each side of the frame or create a 100 mm (~4") overhang on the frames.

Available in 3 sizes:

● 100 mm x 25 m (~4'' x 82') roll

● 150 mm x 25 m roll (~6'' x 82')

● 200 mm x 25 m roll (~8'' x 82')

AEROSTIC+, interior/exterior adhesive sealant for bonding membranes to porous substrates

AEROSTIC+ is our flagship high performance acoustic sealant. This product can be used directly on surfaces for many applications, inside and outside. It ensures the bonding of under-roofing membranes, rain screen and vapour barrier on damp, rough or porous surfaces.

AEROSTIC+ is characterized by its low consumption and its fast application. Surfaces must be clean, dust-free, free of grease and friable parts.

● fast setting

● high strength

● extra strong fixation, thanks to a thixotropic adhesive based on hybrid polymer

● free of isocyanate, solvent and silicone

● any substrate, perfect for caulking around doors and windows

● interior/exterior

● extreme flexibility

● pre-cut nozzle to ensure an 8mm (5/16'') bead

● application temperature +5°c to +35°c

● storage between +5°c and +25°c in a vertical position, out of the sun.

SEAL & FLEX, polyurethane foam to ensure air and water tightness around windows

To complete your airtightness and insulation around the window, simply apply SEAL&FLEX foam in the gaps left between the window frame and the joinery. Flexible, it adapts to all situations, without deforming the supports, thanks to its low expansion. The application of SEAL&FLEX polyurethane ensures the continuity of the building envelope's performance between the windows and the walls. Its characteristics in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as air and water tightness are exceptional:

● insulation: 0.0035 λ

● reduction of the acoustic effect: 60 dB

● airtightness: 1,000 Pa

● driving rain tightness: 600 Pa

Economical, a 750ml aerosol can seals 575 linear feet for a ⅓ inch thick joint.

Very complete, the Window Waterproofing Pack meets all the installation needs for new windows or their replacement. Of course, the quantity of each product is custom determined based on the nature of the projects. Dedicated to the durability and performance of buildings, ISOFIB's professionals offer a unique service, with expert advice to facilitate the proper installation of sealing and insulation products.

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