Spraying Machines

Our selection of Euromair machines

Isofib is proud to offer a selection of Euromair projection machines for construction sites as well as renovation projects.Our exclusive partner Euromair has many years of experience in designing and developing mechanized solutions for the coating and paint projection needs of the construction industry.

 Compact-Pro 35
(Version I.T.E.)

Sprayer For Mortars & Exterior Renders


Compact-Pro 60

Thermal Spraying Machine


Europro 8P  

Spraying Machine



Jetpro 100 

Atomizer For Fillers



Mixpro 14 Filler
Continuous Mixing Pump


Project CP35-Ideal 
Machine àUnit for mortars and exterior fillers


 Turbisol 112
Cotton Wadding Spraye


 Turbisol 164/2
MachCotton Wadding Sprayer


 Europro 4P

Spraying Machine



 Mixpro 14

Continuous mixing pump



 Project CP30 Basic

Unit For Mortars & Exterior Fillers



 Turbisol 112/2
Cotton Wadding Sprayer


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