Moisture Management and Water Vapour Diffusion

Moisture management can be explained with reference to permeability – in other words, the diffusion of water through a wall. The more a product is “breathable”, the more it will improve humidity levels in the dwelling.



In different weather conditions, we try to control the permeation of outside vapour into the house or building and, conversely, by controlling vapour from the inside making its way out.At ISOFIB, we recommend the use of SALOLA brand sealants (, which will allow you to control the diffusion of water vapour effectively.In the SALOLA product line, we offer innovative insulators that are open to water vapour diffusion, which means that they have permeability, allowing the house to breathe. 

The concept is similar to the human body and the role of the skin: water drains from the body when we sweat but also prevents water from getting absorbed into the body. By facilitating water permeation through the walls, they remain dry and thus prevents high humidity levels that could promote growth of fungi or mold in the long term.Effectively removing all moisture will allow buildings and homes to maintain a superior air quality and, naturally, last longer.Need more advice, please contact us today !