Did you know? What is phase shifting?


Phase shifting can be defined as the passing of air through walls.To better understand this phenomenon, let’s consider wood fibre insulation. The wooden panel has a high interior density. It’s worth nothing that the more a product is dense, the lower its R-value. As a result, there will be fewer airmolecules inside, generating high absorption of heat and coolness.



If we then examine the hemp wool insulation of our ISOTK line, it is easy to see that its texture is much softer and therefore less dense. With this type of product, the phase shift is lower, making it possible to heat our homes or buildings faster. The air will circulate more naturally.Two pieces of advice to keep in mind when trying to create optimal insulation in your home:Keep the thermal mass inside with hempcrete, for example, which will absorb fresh air during hot summer days and heat from your heating system during the winter. Thermal redistribution will occur efficiently in the various rooms.Protect the thermal mass with higher R-value insulation.Need more information about these products, please visit this section.